Our groupwork sessions are designed to benefit young people experiencing emotional health and wellbeing difficulties. These sessions provide an opportunity to work with other young people in a safe environment, to combat feelings of isolation, gain positive experiences of support networks and by collaborating with others to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, enhancing self-awareness.

We work with young people to provide:

  • Managing Emotions 6-week workshop sessions
  • Open Access, Relationships and Sexual health drop-in’s
  • BENCH groupwork both in and out of the school setting
  • Wellbeing sessions in school, assemblies and Teacher training days
  • WRAP workshops (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
  • Themed and focused workshops


Groupwork can be a session for 6-8 young people using draw and talk, compiling a sketch/work book of feelings and issues, discussion with staff and peers; plus having fun through games and time together. 


‘Managing Emotions’ sessions are held regularly throughout the year. Providing 6 sessions for young people to access before or after one-to-one counselling or for those that want support with practical coping strategies rather than individualised talking therapy. 

This course has helped me because it has abled me to feel more confident in myself and know when I need to take time to be myself

We also offer a range of support projects in local schools, in small groups or following assemblies/year group presentations. In 2018 we undertook transition support from primary to secondary school, improving emotional health. In 2019 we are running a self-harm support project.

Other workshops are also offered to clients such as information sessions on money management, as well as opportunities to access music, art and sports-based activity days and even bushcraft!