Wanting to do good’ is the most common motivation to volunteer. In 2017/18, 46% of people said that they volunteer to improve things and help others.

Our volunteers say they volunteer because:


  • Young people are important
  • To provide support – very necessary - and awareness regarding good relationships and communication
  • Young people are the future
  • We listen when others may not
  • To support growth to make a difference
  • We are a community service, served by the community for the community
  • To provide support, help and kindness
  • I was one once and they matter (young people)
  • Caring for young people is investing in the next generation!

“I came to OTR whilst undertaking my diploma to gain my 100 hours counselling practice and stayed! Three years later I am still volunteering, only taking two clients a week now due to work commitments but still enjoying it. I have had several long term clients that I have worked with on deep seated  and complex concerns. Other clients come for 6-8 weeks this gives them enough support to manage their anxieties or concerns from that point forward. The training opportunities and chats with like minded people is a real joy, I hope I can continue volunteering for many years to come.”


“When I first joined off the record, I was impressed by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that greeted me as a new volunteer. The training was fun but efficiently delivered and it was clear that the client's wellbeing was paramount. After 7 months as a support worker and having satisfied the relevant criteria, I began my role as a volunteer using counselling skills. As we never know who is going to come through the door or what issues they may have, I was a little anxious about meeting my first client. Fortunately, my anxiety was short-lived, and all was well. Sometimes in the early days I would emerge from a heavy session feeling emotionally drained but was always well supported by my colleagues. Like most things it gets easier with experience and I am proud of the results of my work. I am even more proud of my clients who have worked hard to complete their often painful journeys. It would be impossible for me to say how many sad stories have had happy endings, but I have seen a good few; multiply that by the number of volunteers at OTR and you begin to see what an effective service it really is!”


“I came to OTR after taking early retirement from a job within a local school. I thoroughly enjoyed the BAV course and love helping out once a week. I answer the phone, make drinks, do intros, chat to parents and anything else that crops-up during the two hours. I find supporting young people with common concerns and not so common is very valuable and rewarding too.”


“Volunteering with OTR gave me the confidence to apply to Uni and use the helping/people skills to begin a career that will use these skills. My volunteering helped with building my personal statement for Uni and supported other additional volunteering work I took on. Making calls to young people and undertaking the intros was rewarding as was helping others in the office with IT skills and generally working as part of a team.”

“Having worked for Off the Record for over six years in a voluntary capacity as a support worker and a Counsellor; I feel privileged to have helped a large number of young people through periods of difficulty. The range of issues brought to the service are as diverse as people themselves. These are explored in a safe, confidential environment and it is with pride that I witness them go from strength to strength as they face their issues and dissect the ones they need to and discard or move on from the rest. It is wonderful to see their personal growth, self-belief and more positive thinking. I know Off the Record makes a difference to so many people including ourselves.”

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If you’re interested in volunteering for OTR please get in touch via email: [email protected] or call us on 02392 785999.