Off The Record's Board of Trustees

The Board meets regularly to:

  • Ensure the charity is carrying out its purposes for public benefit
  • Comply with the governing documents, charity law and ensure the board acts in the best interest of the charity and its beneficiaries
  • Ensure the charity manages its finances and resources responsibly
  • Lead on the strategic direction and planning of the charity in the short, medium and long term
  • Employ staff and ensure they meet their responsibilities as employers

Jackie Powell, Board Director, Ethics Committee Lead and volunteer counsellor.

Marina Parker, Board Director since 2016, overseeing strategic planning and communications

Chris Shaw, Board Director since 2016, overseeing Funding

Ray Giles, Board Director since 2017, overseeing IT and Groupwork

Howard Thompson, Board Director since 2018, overseeing Finance

With Trustee oversight as above, the day to day running of the organisation is delegated to the General Manager and a small staff team.

Off The Record's Staff Team

Sue Gillard, General Manager, ultimate responsibility for the daily management of the charity.

Claire Mihell, Counselling Service Team Manager, looking after the volunteers.

Vicky Sawyer, Groupwork Manager for all group support. Involved with OTR for 20 years. 

Lizzie Reekes, Groupwork Leader, responsible for work in schools. With OTR for 5 years.

 Sam Gurney, Groupwork Leader, running Managing Emotions groups. With OTR for 5 years.

 Kerry Bridges, Groupwork Assistant (young carers & workshops). With OTR for 11 years.

The employees are supported by Finance staff as well as a group of skilled contractors providing supervision, training, safeguarding guidance and bid writing, along with a pool of approximately 70 volunteers providing counselling, groupwork and support services to our Young People.



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