A selection of case studies are detailed below.


A Case Study of a 16 year old female, who attended 23 sessions.

When I first came to Off The Record, I had very low self-esteem and was very depressed, due to my medical condition. During my time here, I not only learnt more about myself and how to cope with my feelings, but also how to deal with my medical condition.

After coming here, I have become more confident in myself and accepting of my medical condition for what it is.


A case study of a 13 year old boy referred to as ‘J’.

J attended 17 sessions and was struggling at school and home as he managed his transgender journey. J identified as a boy and had already come out in primary school and was working towards coming out in secondary school, an even more daunting prospect.  J was concerned people would see and treat him differently and not understand he was still J;  there was much more to him than his transgender journey.  He feared judgement and wanted to be accepted. J had also experienced recent bereavements of people close to him.

J had thoughts that worried him about "not being here" i.e. taking his own life and struggled to express the depth of his feelings to family and school authority.  J was also trying to manage his self-harm; a way he found of managing his painful feelings. During the sessions, J found the space to share the depth of his feelings and listed the ways he could manage difficult feelings - surprising himself with the number of ideas he had. 

The thoughts did persist and J took the decision to tell his mum.  J worked out the time and place and undertook a very difficult conversation with his very supportive mum.  As a result he was referred to CAMHS. J shared that his confidence had grown and he felt better able to explain to CAMHS how he was feeling.  J moved onto CAMHS from Off The Record, and was looking forward to the specialist support they could offer, having shared how much he valued the counselling which supported him till the full level of help he needed was taken up.