Managing Healthy Emotions

Sponsor someone to attend one of our sessions in 2019

Each year Off The Record provides opportunities for young people to join a Managing Emotions group. Groups, typically 8 in size, of mixed genders and ages come together over 6 sessions to learn more about and explore ways to manage different types of emotions. Each week they will look at a different topic for example anxiety, stress, anger or low mood and through talk and activities young people will start to develop resilience and strategies to learn how to cope with their emotions.

Each session starts with a warm-up activity talking about what triggers each emotion, how their bodies feel when faced with these emotions and learn techniques that will help them manage their feelings. We hear constantly that the methods learnt through our Managing Emotions groups are incredibly effective for the young people developing self-care strategies to build resilience, so young people are able cope better when things go wrong.


The group has helped me to cope with some of my struggles


In the UK, 20% of all young people now have a diagnosable mental health disorder with almost 25% now showing evidence of mental ill-health, most notably anxiety and depression.

It costs £150 for a young person to attend a 6-week course. Are you able to sponsor a young person to attend one of our courses?

I think it has helped me because I know more stuff to stop me feeling angry