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Off The Record is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary This Year 

Off The Record (South East Hampshire)

Free and confidential - information, support and counselling for young people aged 11 - 25

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Your feedback is important to us – and we value your comments and views.
  • If you are a young person who has used our service, please write or email us.  A few lines saying how Off The Record has helped will tell us we are doing the right things - and if we have been disappointing we need to know in order to improve
  • If you have volunteered with us, let us know your story, how you got involved with Off The Record, and what you are doing now
  • If you are part of our network of local agencies, referrers or practitioners, please tell us your views of our service.

Your opinions and feedback are vital to us to ensure we meet the needs of our users and also to demonstrate to others the importance of the services we deliver.  


A letter from a parent...

 Dear Off-The-Record People,

Just wanted to say Thank You! My daughter came in yesterday for her first session and she came back really positive and more importantly, she was able to express how she felt about herself. I do hope it has opened the doors for her to cope with what she has gone and is going through rather than dealing with it by being angry and aggressive.

I was really proud of her yesterday and very grateful for giving us this chance!

Thanks and see you next week!


What young people have told us about how Off The Record has helped them...