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Off The Record is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary This Year

Off The Record

South East Hampshire

Free and confidential - information, support and counselling for young people aged 11 - 25

Telephone: 02392 785999

Email: admin@off-the-record.org.uk

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 What sort of things do people talk about?

Anything. It's up to you.. Concerns can range from anxiety, low mood, loneliness, abuse, addictive behaviours, confusion over sexuality ... to just feeling things could be better.

 What do people ask for information about?

Anything. This can range from bullying, health including sexual health; drugs, drink or eating problems; to issues about family and/or friends; communicating with other people. Whatever you choose and whatever you want to know about.

 Is Off The Record really confidential?

Yes.  We believe that confidentiality is very important and respect everyone's right to privacy.

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