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Volunteers are central to the services Off The Record offers and at any one time 70-80 people volunteer with us.  While the majority are volunteers on the weekly rota, some also support the service in other ways - as committee members, trustee/directors, supervisors, group workers or by helping with promotions and other activities.

All volunteers on the rota, regardless of previous qualifications or experience must complete Off The Record's in-house 4 day selection/training programme 'Being a Volunteer' (BAV).  All new volunteers also join the rota for several months in a support worker role.  Those seeking to develop and use their counselling skills then have an opportunity to attend Skills Assessment Training to prepare for working in a counselling role.


Volunteers on the rota fall into 3 main groups:  

  • Support volunteers - provide the vital first point of contact with the service, and offer information and informal support via drop-in, phone and email
  • Counselling skills volunteers - offer 1:1 support to clients.  All volunteers in this role have completed a minimum level 2 accredited counselling qualification and a skills assessment training within Off The Record
  • Diploma qualified volunteers - offer support to clients presenting more complex issues.  Usually they are also our more experienced volunteers.

-and all are required to: 

  • Support one regular rota duty per week (minimum 2 and a half hours) during our advertised opening hours
  • Attend a monthly group supervision meeting
  • Regularly attend workshops and trainings provided by Off The Record
  • Uphold our aims and objectives, and work within our policies, procedures and ethical guidelines
  • Comply with Off The Record's safeguarding policy

Off The Record offers volunteers a good opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in working with young people.  Volunteering with us also enables you to network with a wide variety of like-minded people.

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