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Off The Record is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary This Year

Off The Record (South East Hampshire)

Free and confidential - information, support and counselling for young people aged 11 - 25

Telephone: 02392 474724

Email: admin@off-the-record.org.uk

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Sue - General Manager suegi@off-the-record.org.uk

Phyllis - Deputy General Manager phyllis@off-the-record.org.uk 

Karen – Finance Manager karenb@off-the-record.org.uk

Catherine – Admin Officer catherinet@off-the-record.org.uk

Colin – Impact Officer colins@off-the-record.org.uk

Corinne - Community Fundraising Officer fundraising@off-the-record.org.uk 

Vicky - Groupwork/Young Carers Manager  vickys@off-the-record.org.uk

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