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Off The Record is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary This Year

Off The Record

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Free and confidential - information, support and counselling for young people aged 11 - 25

Telephone: 02392 785999

Email: admin@off-the-record.org.uk

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The majority of young people are happy to self refer to us, and recommend us to their friends. We also work closely with other voluntary agencies and compliment the work of health care practioners,social workers, teachers and youth workers. As appropriate, Health Practioners and other professionals can formally refer young people to us - usually those who will benefit from longer term support or who need faster access to our service via a written referral.

  • All referrals must be made in writing by post (to the address below) or by email to admin@off-the-record.org.uk giving a brief outline of your concerns and any issues the young person may be experiencing and include contact details, phone number, address and date of birth of the young person to enable us to follow up the referral 
  • Please inform and involve the young person as you make this referral to help empower them and engage them in the therapeutic process
  • All clients referred to our service will go on a waiting list and will be contacted to make an introductory appointment to come and learn more about us
  • Clients on the waiting list will be contacted each week so they know we have not forgotten them and to see if they need any other help
  • We will aim to 'fast track' those clients needing urgent support

Please mark your envelope "Referral" and send to:

Off The Record

138 Purbrook Way

Havant PO9 3SU


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